The 2nd ASEAN Plus Three Junior Science Odyssey (APT JSO)

 24 Jun 2013: Today, a new history of our school has been created. Members of  SMKDPB should be proud of our school as a group of our students  has succeeded in representing Malaysia to The 2nd  ASEAN Plus Three Junior Science Odyssey (APT JSO). They departed from the school to the airport at 11am. This entourage is led by Hj Abdul Kahar bin Ismail , and with him there are three Form 3 students. They are Fatin Nabilah Binti Roslaile, Lee Wen Yee, and Muhammad Syafiq bin Mohd Saib.

Here are the rules of the competition :

  1. Purpose
A.    Encourage and challenge gifted science students to excel in the field of Science and Technology.
B.    Stimulate students’ intellectual curiosity through various experiences and experiments.
C.   Foster friendship and networking among gifted students in the APT region.
D.   Motivate students to pursue careers in Science and Technology.

  1. Theme

  1. Date
24 June ~ 1 July 2013 (8 days)

  1. Venue
Busan, ROK

  1. Participants
A.    Each country must send two (2) teams.
B.    Each team must consist of three (3) students and one (1) teacher
                      i.    Selected gifted and talented students should be aged between 13 to 15 years.
                     ii.    Teachers should be educators of Science in their respective countries.

  1. Hosted by
ASEAN+3 Center for the Gifted in Science (ACGS)
Korea Science Academy (KSA)

  1. Supported by
 Ministry of Education, Science and Technology, Korea
Korea Foundation for the Advancement of Science and Creativity (KOFAC)
Society of International Gifted in Science, Korea
ASEAN Secretariat

  1. Website

1.    Selection Criteria for Students

The programme will target top Science students from ASEAN.

To ensure that selected students benefit fully from their participation, the Science students should:

a.    Between 13 and 15 years of age as on January of the contest year;

b.    Have experience in science research or competitions;

c.    Possess good oral proficiency in English;

d.    Be academically able and is among the top 5% of their cohort; and,

e.    Be willing to network with fellow students at the JSO.

2.    Selection Criteria for Teachers
To ensure that the teachers benefit fully from their participation, the Science teachers should be:

a.    Educators or senior personnel in Science in a school or another educational

b.    Proficient in English;

c.    Able to share their learning points and experiences to other Science                            
Teachers; and,

d.    Able to implement teaching ideas or strategies in school.


  1. Student Programme
A.    Part 1 - Lectures and Teaching Laboratory Skills
B.    Part 2 - Laboratory Skills Assessments (40%)
§  Size of Team:
Three (3) students in one (1) team; made up of students from the same country
§  Awards: Gold, Silver & Bronze Medals
§  Assessed by teachers from ASEAN+3 nations

C.   Part 3 - Presentation of Field Projects (60%)
§  Size of Team
Six (6) students in two (2) two teams; made up of students from the same country
§  Awards: Gold, Silver & Bronze Medals
§  Assessed by teachers from ASEAN+3 nations

D.   Overall – Three (3) trophies
§  1 Gold, 1 Silver and 1 Bronze
§  Certificates for all Participants

  1. Teacher Programme
A.    Purpose: Build capacities of Science Educators

B.    Themes
§  Poster presentations:
§  Presentations:

C.   Poster Size: 70 cm (W) x 100 cm (H)
● Transportation information
We will provide you with transportation from Busan International Airport to Kroea Science Academy